This is most importantly all about.. YOU

CocoStudios is for the fierce, courageous and inspired women of the world. Whether it's opting for our basic staples or statement pieces, we say hold pride in your skin and show it off on all occasions! Life is too precious to save things just for 'special occasions'. Our pieces emulate the mantra that you can never be too overdressed or overeducated.. so create amazing memories looking & feeling the best version of yourself. We want to help you look back smiling years to come, knowing you felt phenomenal and powerful in your skin.. with outfits to compliment every inch of it!

Got a few extra minutes? 

More than anything, this part is to say a huge thank you to everyone who has and continues to change my life drastically. CocoStudios was created as part of my journey of finding and creating purpose. It seems an alarming amount of people now more than ever are struggling with feeling unworthy or questioning their purpose in life and although this is still a battle that I regularly endure, I want to take on this huge problem and do my part in making people feel special, phenomenal in their skin, worthy, recognised, celebrated and just simply loved.

I want to create job opportunities where you are seen and acknowledged. I want to be able to shine the light on small, every-day content creators and see you step into a new comfort zone from this growth! 

To put it simply, I created CocoStudios because I could not find any other reason why I deserved or thrived to be here. It feels surreal to type, but thank you for keeping me pushing!

Yes, this is a little different to your typical brand page. But I recognise the fashion and beauty industry can be a contributing factor to these negative thoughts and I think change is easier to achieve collectively. Got an idea of how CocoStudios can help? Have some suggestions for improvements or messages we can help amplify? I would love to hear from you!

I promise every single one of your kind messages and purchases is seen and received with an unexplainable amount of gratitude, so thank YOU.. and in return I hope you feel nothing short of phenomenal in your skin!